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Sci100: Listen up, everybody. Planet Chaturn has gotten dangerous. People have been reported missing. I suggest for all Users not to be alone on chat. If you see thet someone is alone on chat, go on yourself. if you get on and there's no one there, leave, as quick as you can and then report the user. This is serious. Something has seriously gone wrong with chat. Chat has also been glitching, showing that already reported users are on chat. Be careful, better don't go on chat. this is important. Here's a list of already missing users

  • User: Party King
  • [Insert User Name Here]
  • [Insert User Name Here]
  • [Insert User Name Here]
  • [Insert User Name Here]
  • [Insert User Name Here]
  • [Insert User Name Here]

if you see that any of these users are on chat, do not go one, i repeat, do not go on.

Sci, Out!

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