The End is the last episode of the Powerful Lords. 

The Powerful Lords
Season last, Episode last
Air date None
Written by User: Reo 54
Directed by User: Reo 54
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Speedair, Dark Essence, Night Demon, Dark Falcon and Black Scythe are all sitting by a table.

Dark Essence: Out time is running out. Soon we will die.

Night Demon: You're right. The End is near for us

Speedair: How long have we been alive?

Dark Falcon: More than 100 years

Black Scythe: No! 99 years. The spell gave us life for 100 years. Hwen it ends, we die.

Dark Essence: Than we should leave this world in chaos

They all smile.

End Scene

All the powerful lords are standing in a circle. They are all focusing there energy.

Dark Essence: This Universe will fall.

Speedair: and bring the others with it.

Night Demon: No one will survive

Dark Falcon: Not us, Not them

Black Scythe: Everything started with a blow

All Of them: Everything will End with a blow.

They each Cfocues there energy on one point and a dark energy sphere forms in the middle of the circle. Dark Essence looks at the clock.

Dark Essence: 1 minute.

They Form The Orb as large as the circle and Blast it in all directions.

All of them: May the Universe rest in chaos

They collapse

​End Scene

One of the blast is going towords viscosia. Polymorhs are seen being killed by the balst. UltiVerse is seen Standing bravly.

​End Scene

An other blast goes towords hathor. An old Fred is seen Looking at the blast

​End Scene

An Other blast is heading towords pyros. Nova is standing bravly with Nick and R.O.B.

​End Scene

​The Last Blast is going towords Earth. They young powerful lords are seen standing. Reo, Ahmad, Charbel, Bry and Ky all look up in the sky and smile.

End Scene

The Universe is seen colapsing. And then it explodes. Other universes are shown.


Narrator: An Other Universe has been destroyed. The end is here. Which Universe will be next? And If there is going to be a replacement universe for this one? We'll probably find out in some other bloog made by Ahmad, Reo, Charbel, Flame or Bry.


  • Speedair
  • Dark Essence
  • Night Demon
  • Black Scythe
  • Dark Falcon
  • UltiVerse
  • Fred Blake
  • Nova
  • Reo Jones
  • Ahmad  Satti
  • Ky Strike
  • Charbel
  • Bry (Bryce Bowman, Probabaly)


  • This marks the end of the Powerful Lords.
  • The marks the end of TPL universe, so no more series about them
  • There might be a replacement series Including all five of theese characters.

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